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Hearing Wellness Organization is an educational non-profit that exists to promote induction loop technology.

Wired Loop SystemHearing Wellness Organization Audio Frequency Induction Loop Training is a FREE three day intensive hands on educational program. Students will graduate with the knowledge and support to design and install IEC compliant hearing loops. To make a reservation call 1 (888) 224-4988 or email to info@hearingwell.org.



Hearing Wellness Organization Training Curriculum >> downloadable training brochure <<

1. Hearing Loss and Assistive Listening Devices
2. Assistive Listening Device Comparison
3. Audio Frequency Induction Loop History
4. Marketing - Reasons to “Get In The LOOP”
5. Audio Frequency Induction Loop Technology
Voltage amplifiers
Constant current design
Class D technology
Loop driver side by side comparison
6. Design Considerations
IEC requirements
Background noise (EMI)
Metal interference
Architectural challenges
Number of conductors
Antenna selection
7. Wire Installation
Carpet installation
Concrete/Tile installation
Other options
8. Hands on Demonstration
Wired loop
Counter loop
Soldering and foil
9. Advanced Techniques
Noise cancelling loop configuration
High metal content buildings and spill control
10. Quote the Loop
11. Sound Systems
12. Troubleshooting

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Dress comfortably. Lunch will be provided each day.


Hearing Wellness Organization Training Center
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2315 Manchester Road, Suite B, Akron, OH 44314 - Phone: (330) 745-2220
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